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On the scent for fossil fuels

Cables for seismic vessels from Friesland-Kabel

On the scent for fossil fuels

Friesland-Kabel successfully fits out seismic vessels

Seismic vessels are the sniffer dogs of the sea, always on the search for fossil fuel sources. The special ships detect new deposits to satisfy the world’s insatiable hunger for natural gas and crude oil. Friesland-Kabel supplies the necessary cables and wiring for the construction.

The principle of seismology

Seismology is the study of vibrations of the earth. Using sonar waves, an echo is generated in the rock layers to examine and evaluate their composition. These reflections are collected by hydrophones in measurement cables up to 12 kilometres long that trail behind the ship. Seismic vessels are deployed to capture this data at sea. The sonar waves are generated using ‘air guns’ that work with compressed air to capture the echo from the various rock layers.

Continuous operation at sea

The seismic vessels operate around the world and remain at sea for long periods, sometimes even years at a time. Endurance, reliability, convenience, material quality and build quality are therefore incredibly important for all ship components. Having to meet strict requirements, the on-board cables and wiring in particular are subject to endurance testing. They must be halogen-free, flame-retardant and self-extinguishing. These cables must also prevent the spread of fire and minimise smoke build-up. In case of emergency, escape routes must also be set out.

Safety on board with Friesland-Kabel

The global geophysical services company WesternGeco commissioned Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) to build two offshore ships measuring 127 m. These were completed in 2014. Following an extensive audit by Imtech Marine, Friesland-Kabel supplied the necessary halogen-free, fireproof cables and all communication and power cables.

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Does your shipbuilding or on-/offshore project require individual cable assembly? Do your cables and wires need to be cut, taped or labelled? Developing individual solutions for our customers is our top priority. Benefit from our extensive range of products and individual services. A dedicated team of qualified specialists implements the requirements of the national and international markets for you.


Cables and wires are cut for you in the Wismar logistics centre precisely and at the installation temperature.


Centre distances and other markings – we can fulfil all your cable taping needs.


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We assemble your cables in line with your personal requirements, e.g. with plugs or weatherproof/voltage-proof end caps.

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We always process your orders according to individual cable lists.