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Industrial cables and wires
Efficient cabling in various industrial fields

Industrial cables for strong connections

Discover our industrial cables, designed for the highest requirements in all industrial fields. With optimal flexibility, robust properties and special solutions for every application, our cables and wires provide the basis for reliable industrial cabling and efficient processes in industry.

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Reliable and resilient industrial cables

Medium-voltage cable
Medium-voltage cables

Medium-voltage cables in the voltage range from 6 to 30 kV are used at regional supply level to transmit energy over medium distances within larger local or industrial networks, power stations and switchgears.

Rubber cable
Rubber cables

Rubber cables can be used to connect portable devices in light, medium and heavy-duty operating conditions.

Bus cable
Bus cables

Bus cables are used for transmission between sensors, actuators and electronics in automation.

Control cable
Control cables

Control cables are used in mechanical and plant engineering for power and signal transmission with occasional or constant movement.

Silicone cable
Silicone cables

Silicone cables are insulated with silicone rubber and are primarily suitable for use at particularly high or low ambient temperatures.

Instrumentation cables

Instrumentation cables are used in EI&C technology and the control rooms of industrial plants for the transmission of analogue and digital signals up to approx. 10 kHz. For fixed installation inside buildings.

Copper wire
Copper wires

Copper wires are used in electrical system construction for earthing purposes.

Halogen-free cable
Halogen-free cables

Halogen-free cables have low smoke gas development and no fire propagation. For installation indoors, in the air and in concrete, but not directly in the ground or in water.

Underground cable
Underground cables

Power cables are used as underground cables for power distribution in a wide range of applications and are available in various designs.

Communication cables

Telecommunications cable types for a wide range of applications by the meter: from house connection cables to local connection cables for entire city districts.

Highest quality standards for maximum operational safety

All product certifications at a glance

All of our cables and wires meet the highest quality standards and are ideal for maritime and industrial applications. Take a look at all product certificates here and download any PDFs you may need.

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Process optimisation through efficient industrial cables

The crucial role of industrial cables in modern production

Industrial cables are at the core of modern production as they establish an essential connection between a wide range of applications and industrial fields. Their flexibility and capacity to meet specific requirements make them a crucial element in industry. Whether you want to transmit data using fibre optic cables, ensure flame-retardant and halogen-free properties for increased safety standards or robust cabling in various areas of application – industrial cables are crucial for smooth production processes. Not only do they support the control line and energy supply, but they also enable data communication between different segments of production, thereby significantly contributing to optimising and increasing efficiency throughout the industrial cabling.

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From advice to assembly and worldwide delivery: in addition to high-quality industrial cables, we also offer comprehensive services. Our experienced team will be happy to advise you when selecting the right cables for your industry and can offer custom solutions for your individual requirements. You also benefit from fast delivery times and flexible order processing.

Frequently asked questions about our cables and wires

Industrial cables are special cables used for sophisticated applications in the industrial sector such as energy transmission, data transmission and data communication under difficult conditions and high loads. Industrial cables are frequently used in EI&C applications, electrical installations, machine control systems and network infrastructure.

Our extensive product range encompasses a wide range of industrial cables such as data cables, control cables and wires for special applications. Depending on the application and specific requirements, we put together custom-tailored solutions for industrial cabling with a range of characteristics, including halogen-free, flame-retardant and UV-resistant, for safe use in your system. Industrial cables from Friesland-Kabel can be provided for a wide range of applications, such as EI&C cabling, general industrial cabling, cabling for control cabinets and much more.

To find the right industrial cable for your application, it is necessary to analyse the precise requirements. Parameters to consider include flexibility, temperature resistance and chemical resistance, as well compliance with relevant standards and safety regulations in order to fulfil the specified safety standards. As a leading specialist in the cable industry, we offer a suitable industrial cable for every application and requirement.

Industrial cables have special properties to ensure safe and uninterrupted operations. This includes a high level of resistance to physical and mechanical loads, very good conductivity, insulation and chemical resistance as well as temperature stability even under extreme conditions.

The safety advantages of halogen-free industrial cables are particularly notable in the event of fire. When burned, they do not produce toxic or corrosive gases that can be harmful to the machinery and people or act as an accelerant. The reduced use of harmful substances is also good for the environment. Halogen-free industrial cables may be legally required for some applications. This applies in particular to public buildings, hospitals and means of transport.

Industrial cables from Friesland-Kabel are suitable for many industrial sectors. In addition to universally applicable cables for many industrial sectors, we also offer special cables for specific applications and with certain properties, such as EI&C cables. Our competent and experienced service team will be happy to advise you on a customised cable solution for your area of application.

Due to the high requirements and often safety-relevant uses, industrial cables must comply with certain standards and norms. In addition to international standards such as IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and ISO standards, national regulations may also apply in the country of use. This includes the VDE in Germany and the BS (British Standard) in the UK.

We also offer customised assembly for our industrial cables. Depending on the customer’s wishes and application, we offer a range of different services for the various industrial sectors, including cutting, taping and labelling.