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Converter platform on the high seas with construction workers in the foreground
DolWin gamma – power for the mainland

Cables for offshore converter platforms

DolWin – converter station for offshore wind farms

Cables for offshore converter platforms from Friesland-Kabel

DolWin is the fourth HVDC (high-voltage direct current) platform completed by general contractor Nordic Yards on behalf of the French technology group Alstom. Just like in previous projects, Friesland-Kabel once again provided cables for the offshore converter platforms and was responsible for logistics.

Power for the German high-voltage grid

The DolWin gamma offshore converter station converts up to 900 MW of energy from North Sea wind farms into direct current, which is then sent to the inland converter station in Dörpen (Emsland) via sea and land cables where it is converted into alternating current and fed into Germany’s high-voltage grid.

Friesland-Kabel cables – perfect for the high seas

Friesland-Kabel already provides the Borwin1, HelWin1, HelWin2 and SylWin1 grid systems with highly flexible and halogen-free ship, hybrid and medium-voltage cables with DNV GL approval. Together with a cable manufacturer and grid operator TenneT, Friesland-Kabel developed special cables that are perfectly tailored to the unique requirements on the water, such as UV radiation, resistance to salt water and oil resistance. The result was impressive: The grid operator now intends to include the Friesland-Kabel development in future tenders as the preferred cable type for follow-up projects.

Pioneer in cable development for converter platforms

Together with a cable manufacturer partner and grid operator TenneT, Friesland-Kabel developed special cables that can withstand the special challenges out at sea (e.g. resistance to UV and salt water, oil resistance). The collaboration also gave rise to special shielding and five-core cables. The solutions have proven so effective that the cables have been chosen as the preferred type for future tenders for TenneT converter platforms alongside NEK606 cable for special requirements. Friesland-Kabel is blazing new trails with the development of special hybrid cables that provide at least 180 minutes of power on unmanned platforms, even in the event of fire.

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