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Control cable

Control cables

H05V-K / H07V-KHarmonized connecting wire with PVC-insulation

H05V-U / H07V-UHarmonized connecting wire with PVC-insulation

YSLY-JZ / YSLY-OZ / YSLY-JB / YSLY-OBFlexible control cable with PVC-insulation

YSLY-JZ / YSLY-OZ 0,6/1 kVFlexible control cable with PVC-insulation

YSLYCY-JZ / YSLYCY-OZFlexible control cable with double PVC-insulation and copper screen

Special PVC data cable

LiYCY-JZSpecial PVC data screened cable

H07Z-KHarmonized connecting wire with rubber-insulation

H05VV-FHarmonized connecting wire with PVC-insulation

H03VV-FHarmonized connecting wire with PVC core insulation

NHXH FE180 E30-E60Fire-resistant halogen free safe cable, approved by VDE Standard