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Discover first-class industrial cables that will revolutionise your projects in industrial automation and electrical, instrumentation & control (EI&C) technology. Our cables offer optimal solutions for EI&C technology, ensure precision in analysis technology, and support efficient engineering and secure control engineering in every plant.

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Optimise communication between your systems and devices with VDE-certified EI&C industrial cables.

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All of our cables and wires meet the highest quality standards and are ideal for maritime and industrial applications. Take a look at all product certificates here and download any PDFs you may need.

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In the technology-driven industrial world, our EI&C instrumentation and industrial cables are crucial for precision and reliability, especially in analysis technology and control engineering. Our cables guarantee signal transmission with minimal losses and interference, even under demanding conditions. They offer robust connections and flexibility, and can withstand mechanical and chemical loads as well as extreme temperatures. For projects that require cabling through control cabinets, along machines or over long distances, our cables deliver consistent, secure performance to make your industrial processes efficient and seamless in every field of industrial automation. Invest in specialised cables for your engineering solutions and optimise your plant with an infrastructure that supports and protects.

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Get personal advice from our experienced team of experts today and benefit from our many years of expertise in the national and international market environment. We fully understand industry and product requirements in the maritime and industrial sectors.

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From advice to assembly and worldwide delivery: in addition to high-quality EI&C instrumentation and industrial cables, we also offer comprehensive services. Our experienced team will be happy to advise you when selecting the right cables and can offer custom solutions for your individual requirements. You also benefit from fast delivery times and flexible order processing.

Frequently asked questions on EMSR instrumentation and industrial cables

The acronym EI&C stands for electrical, instrumentation and controls. EI&C cables are used for data transmission in electrical and automation technology for the control of complex processes in technical equipment.

In industrial automation, EI&C cables play a key role in the transmission of data for measuring, controlling and regulating the technology. To ensure reliable and precise operations and thus correct and reliable results, the cables have to fulfil the exacting technical and mechanical requirements demanded by the specific use and application. This includes, for example, appropriate shielding against external signals, insulation, temperature resistance and flame resistance.

Friesland-Kabel offers a wide range of cables and wires for the industrial sector and many other applications. We have various cable types for the EI&C sector that provide the required characteristics for specific applications. Here are a few examples: RE-2Y(St)Yv-fl PiMF – individually and multi-shielded cables for instrumentation, control and data transmission; KJAAM / KJAAM-HF –cables for instrumentation and process control as well as for computer and sound reproduction systems; PROFIBUS – flame-retardant, halogen-free cables for bus systems.

Choosing the right EI&C cable requires an in-depth analysis of the application area. Factors to consider include the flexibility, temperature range and uses. The experts at Friesland-Kabel are happy to provide professional and competent advice as you choose which cables to buy, and they offer customised and assembled solutions for your industrial automation project.

With our selection of EI&C cables, we can provide the right solution for your EI&C engineering in every industry and application. EI&C cables are typically used in industrial automation, for process optimisation in production plants, in sewage treatment plants, in the petrochemical industry and in refineries and power plants. We’re happy to advise you regarding the ideal cables for use in your field and provide customised solutions and customer-specific assemblies.

EI&C cables meet high national and international standards such as IEC and ISO standards. Friesland-Kabel has the right solution for practically every requirement and also offers special solutions in full compliance with industry- and application-specific standards and regulations for industrial cables.

The services offered by Friesland-Kabel also include customised cable assemblies for specific applications and customer specifications, such as cutting, taping and labelling. We are happy to advise you regarding our services, delivery conditions and options and to find the perfect solutions for your industrial automation project.