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Cable supply for MV Werften

Global class – Mecklenburg-Vorpommern giants

Ship and data cables from Friesland-Kabel for the new megaliners

342 metres long and equipped with artificial intelligence, the global-class passenger ship is currently the biggest and most modern of its kind. The cables for the innovative data technology and other wiring were supplied by Friesland-Kabel as the long-standing partner of the MV Werften shipyard.

‘Smart’ megaliner

The global-class cruise ship was originally conceived for the booming Asian cruise ship market. And it’s not just its size and 9,500-passenger capacity that makes it so unique; the ship’s interior is also groundbreaking. The ship is equipped with state-of-the-art AI, such as face and voice recognition, and robots that take care of routine tasks to significantly reduce waiting times when checking in and out. The megaliner boasts a wide range of entertainment, its own shopping mall, swimming complex, on-board cinema and restaurants, all spread across 20 decks.

High-performance cables and logistics from Friesland-Kabel

MV Werften’s ambitious large-scale project is another step in a long-standing partnership. Friesland-Kabel supplied DNV-licensed, halogen-free ship cables and complete wiring for the sophisticated data technology on ships. In the past, Friesland-Kabel has supplied the predecessor company Nordic Yards with cables for the BorWin beta, HelWin alpha, SylWin alpha and DolWin gamma converter platforms, and provided MV Werften Fertigmodule GmbH with prefabricated cable harnesses for the mass production of approx. 3,000 ship cabins for the MV Werften group.

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