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Strong energy along the coast

Power cables for on- and offshore applications

Power cables ensure a reliable power supply. Most of our cables meet a wide range of norms and standards (e.g. NEK 606). Whether it’s by the drum or by the metre, we offer the right solution for your offshore systems.

Power cables for onshore and offshore



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Power come rain or shine

Steadfast energy supply even in extreme conditions

Far out in the ocean, a constant and reliable energy source is absolutely essential on any converter platform or wind farm. Our power cables make sure that every light and every device always get the power they need. Friesland-Kabel products provide quality you can rely on, even in harsh conditions.

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Frequently asked questions about power cables for onshore and offshore

Our cables are certified not only according to the common standards, but also according to the NEK-606 standard. The NEK 606 is an internationally recognised standard for cables in offshore applications. It covers various aspects such as safety, reliability and environmental compatibility. With this certification, we ensure that our cables meet the high requirements and standards of offshore operations. As a leading supplier of power cables, we provide a wide range of products for a variety of industries. To ensure that our customers receive the best quality and reliability, our cables undergo regular testing and quality controls.

At our logistics centre in Wismar and through our partners, we supply almost all common power cables for on- and offshore installations with customised assembly on a just-in-time basis, even for extreme conditions. This includes NEK 606 offshore cables on request. We also supply high-quality instrumentation cables on request for stationary installation for communication and control systems in ATEX hazard zones, such as RFOU (i) or BFOU (i), in accordance with the NEK 606 standard.

Power cables can be custom-manufactured and delivered in almost any length and design according to customer requirements. The limits of custom cable assembly are defined by the technical feasibility. Our experts are happy to advise you on your project and find specific solutions for special and extreme conditions.

Power cables minimise energy losses due to their high-quality materials and special design. Thanks to their optimal insulation and conductivity, they enable efficient transmission of electricity over long distances. This reduces energy losses, which in turn leads to more efficient use of the energy. The durability of power cables reduces the need for new production and thus minimises waste in offshore installations. Thanks to their robust design, they are able to withstand the extreme conditions at sea and function over a long service life. This means lower resource consumption and a better environmental footprint.

Every offshore cable-laying scenario has its own specific requirements. To ensure ideal grid connection and standard-compliant laying and use of cables, we offer customised solutions and individual cable assemblies for offshore cables. We cut, tape and label the cables according to individual customer requirements and are happy to provide further services as well. We offer our customers both time to time and just in time delivery.