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Reliable performance for ships and offshore facilities

High-quality ship cables

Our ship cables stand out thanks to their excellent performance and quality. Even under the harshest conditions at sea, the marine cables guarantee reliable performance. From communication to high-voltage cables, our custom solutions support effective energy and data transmission on ships and offshore facilities.

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Reliable and resilient civil ship cables
Power cable civil
Maximum performance for every applicationReliable, resilient power cables

Robust, long-lasting and high-quality: our power cables ensure a reliable, secure power supply.

civil communication cable
Precision data transferHigh-quality communication cables for ships

Our instrumentation and communication cables ensure that data and signals and transferred with precision.

Multimedia cable
For strong connectionsResistant multimedia cables for ships

Our multimedia cables guarantee optimal signal strengths for your maritime communication.

Fibre optic cables for civil shipbuilding and onshore/offshore applications

Fibre optic cables

Highest quality standards for maximum operational safety

All product certifications at a glance

All of our cables and wires meet the highest quality standards and are ideal for maritime and industrial applications. Take a look at all product certificates here and download any PDFs you may need.

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Secure connection on the high seas

Why reliability makes the difference among ship cables

Reliable ship cables are the backbone of every maritime operation, especially in civil shipping where safety and communication are crucial. They not only ensure fault-free energy supply and data transmission, but also protect people and goods from potential dangers. Whether during navigation, daily operations or emergency situations, a constant, uninterrupted connection and power supply is crucial to ensure that all onboard processes run smoothly and safety is maintained while at sea. Our marine cables provide exactly such safety and reliability by ensuring optimal performance even in extreme conditions.

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Get personal advice from our experienced team of experts today and benefit from our many years of expertise in the national and international market environment. We fully understand industry and product requirements in the maritime and industrial sectors.

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High quality and flexibility

Our advantages for you

From advice to assembly and worldwide delivery: in addition to high-quality ship cables, we also offer comprehensive services. Our experienced team will be happy to advise you when selecting the right cables and can offer custom solutions for your individual requirements. You also benefit from fast delivery times and flexible order processing.

Frequently asked questions on civil ship cables

Ship cables are used for energy and data transmission. They are indispensable for the uninterrupted operation of the diverse and sophisticated applications on board. Marine cables perform important tasks, for example, in the areas of energy supply, control, communications, navigation, security, emergency systems and climate control.

Standard cables are often not sufficient for the special requirements of shipbuilding. Since ship cables are often installed in extremely tight spaces, they must be exceptionally flexible. They are also halogen-free, flame-retardant and self-extinguishing so they won’t contribute to the spread of fires. Furthermore, they have to be as light as possible and comply with various international regulations.

There are a variety of certificates and permits for ship cables. Commonly used ones include: DNV (Det Norske Veritas), LR (Lloyds Register), BV (Bureau Veritas), RINA (Registro Italiano Navale), ABS (American Bureau of Shipping). Additionally, ship cables for military use in Germany have to be tested and certified by the BAAINBw (Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support) in accordance with standard VG 95218 (defence equipment standard). All of our military ship cables meet the VG 95218 standard and are accordingly certified.

Our ship cables, which are used by renowned shipyards, system integrators and electrical installers, are suitable for installation in all types of civil ships, from yachts and ferries to special ships, as well as maritime installations such as offshore converter platforms.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of experts is always ready to discuss individual requirements for ship cables. Regardless of whether the ship cables have to be shielded, unshielded or fireproof and what voltage they will be used for – we have the right product in our portfolio, and, thanks to our large warehouse inventory at our logistics centre in Wismar, in many cases we can ship them straight from stock.  

Exporting ship cables is no different than exporting standard cables. However, we do recommend looking into the country-specific standards and certificates that cables have to comply with in the country where they will be used. Our wide range of civil and military ship cables comply with a variety of international requirements and in some cases have DNV, LR, BV, RINA and ABS certifications. In the military ship cable segment, all of our cables are certified and approved according to VG standard VG 95218 from the BAAINBw (Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support).

Yes, we deliver all ship cables in any length – including short lengths. This also applies to military ship cables under VG standard VG 95218.

Yes, by prior arrangement you can pick up ordered ship cables at our logistics centre in Wismar during opening hours.

The different manufacturers generally have different designations for the cables. But since all manufacturers are subject to the same standards from the certifying organisations such as the DNV, ABS, LR and RINA, there are only minor differences between them. In other words, it is generally possible to use the cables of all manufacturers. In the area of military ship cables according to VG standard VG 95218 from the BAAINBw, the type designations of the cables are the same for all manufacturers.

A variety of different cable types are used in civil shipbuilding, depending on the purpose. This includes unarmoured power and control cables (LKM-HF / LM-HF and LKM-ALU), armoured power and control cables (LKSM-HF / LSM-HF, LKSM-ALU, LKSM-EMC / LSM-HF EMC, LKSM-EMC-ALU, LKSM-VFD, LKSM-VFD-ALU), shielded power and control cables (LKAM-HF), fire-resistant power and control cables (LKM-FRHF / LM-FRHF, LKSM-FRHF / LSM-FRHF, LKAM-FRHF) and cables for instrumentation and data transmission (RFE-HF / LJST-HF, RFA-FRHF / LJT-FRHF, RFE-EMC). We sell high-quality ship cables from world-renowned manufacturers such as Prysmian, Helkama and Draka. Other cable types for civil shipbuilding as well as offshore cables, industrial cables, military cables and other cables and wires in the Friesland-Kabel range can be found on our website.

All certified ship cables are halogen-free to ensure safety and protect materials in the event of fire. During fires, halogens release toxic gases and produce heavy smoke. Corrosive gases also damage electrical equipment and other installations. Our product range includes ship cables for all areas of application. Flame-retardant types include LKM-FRHF / LM-FRHF, LKSM-FRHF / LSM-FRHF, LKAM-FRHF and RFE-FRHF / LJST-FRHF, among others.

Ship cables from Friesland-Kabel can be custom-assembled on agreement. We will then put together your order for marine cables as agreed at our logistics centre in Wismar.