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Cat7 cables for Nagasaki

Data cables for AIDAprima in Japan

Data cables for AIDAprima

Friesland-Kabel delivers Cat.7 cables to Japan

The AIDAprima was built in Japan as the first ship in the Hyperion class and took its maiden voyage in March 2016. The largest AIDA ship class was christened in May 2016 at the Port of Hamburg. Friesland-Kabel supplied the data cables for this ambitious project, shipping them all the way to the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard in Nagasaki.

AIDAprima: dual-fuel engines for the environment

The AIDAprima lives up to its name in every aspect: as the first of its class, the ship represents a new benchmark in environmental protection. The AIDAprima is the first cruise ship in the world to be equipped with dual-fuel engines that run on both traditional fuels and low-emission liquefied natural gas. The next-gen cruise ship also boasts an extensive filter system that reduces soot particles, nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides, eliminating exhaust emissions by up to 99%. Just as groundbreaking are the ship’s cable infrastructure and multimedia network: the ship comes with large-scale Wi-Fi coverage, IP sensors, IP cameras, smoke detectors and access controls.

Our contribution: Cat.7 cables from Draka

The ship’s IP services are controlled using Draka UC900 SS23 Cat.7 LSHF-FR cables. The high-quality cable is GL, GHMT-PVP and 3P-certified, flame-retardant (fire cannot spread) in accordance with IEC 60332-3-24 (Cat.C) and halogen-free (in acc. with IEC 60754). The C7 cable meets the highest EMC requirements (Grade 1 and Type I) and falls within segregation class ‘d’ in accordance with DIN EN 50174-2 (VDE 0800-174-2) for the laying of data and energy cables.

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