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Hybrid yacht Artefact
Superyacht by Nobiskrug shipyard

Friesland-Kabel provides cabling for Artefact

Innovative superyacht from Rendsburg

Cables and wiring from Friesland-Kabel for Nobiskrug hybrid yacht Artefact

The 80 metre-long Artefact hybrid yacht (project number 790) was constructed at the traditional Nobiskrug shipyard in Rendsburg. When it came to installing the cables, Friesland-Kabel drew on its many years of experience with mega- and superyachts to ensure success.

Motor Yacht of the Year 2021

The Artefact yacht is one of the first superyachts that has been planned and built in accordance with IMO Tier III. Solar panels can temporarily allow the vessel to operate even without a combustion engine, and custom-made six-bladed propellers ensure that the ship glides quietly through the waves with minimal vibration. The yacht features a wastewater recycling system to reuse water for the on-board systems. At 2,999 gross tonnage, the Artefact is one of the world’s largest-volume superyachts.

Delivery just in time

As part of the project, Friesland-Kabel was responsible for procuring, customising and delivering cable packages on time. Cables were customised following shipyard specifications and delivered directly to Nobiskrug in close coordination with the client. Thanks to seamless collaboration and a reliable exchange of information, the project went according to plan and was a success as usual. The materials were stored in Friesland-Kabel’s logistics centre and protected against environmental influences. This ensured that the necessary products were available on time for each stage of the project.

To successful collaboration

The close exchange between the project managers at Nobiskrug and Friesland-Kabel’s specialist team helped ensure the project ran smoothly. Every stage was planned in detail and both the shipyard and Friesland-Kabel were able to look at the finished result with pride: Artefact, the ‘glass yacht’ and object of prestige that was almost unanimously voted Yacht of the Year 2021 by BOAT International in September 2021.

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