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06.12.2018 | Friesland Kabel

Klaus Faber AG takes over Friesland Kabel group

Klaus Faber AG takes over Friesland Kabel group

Klaus Faber AG takes over Friesland Kabel group

Klaus Faber AG, one of Europe's largest cable distributors, is acquiring the German market leader amongst ship and port cable suppliers, Friesland Kabel.

The tradition-rich company from the Saarland is thus strategically expanding its product portfolio. "The 'marine/ship and harbour construction' sector  has been one of Klaus Faber AG's target markets for a long time. By taking over Friesland Kabel as the market leader, we have found the ideal cast for this flourishing industry", is how Joachim Czabanski, chairman of Klaus Faber AG explains the surprising deal.

"As a top player in the cable and wire market,  Klaus Faber AG is the perfect partner when it comes to ensuring sustainable growth for Friesland Kabel, the realization of major maritime projects and penetration of new international markets", comments Klaus Moorlampen, founder and owner of Friesland Kabel.

The synergy effects are great as Klaus Faber AG has just recently turned its 'cranes and hoists' division, which also serves the port sector, into a system supplier.

As a specialist supplier, Friesland Kabel gains immediate access to Klaus Faber AG's two logistics centres, where ca. 70,000 km of cables and wires are kept in stock. This is especially advantageous in view of Friesland Kabel's stronger engagement in the refinery sector with PCK Schwedt and others.

The company which, besides its main site in Norderstedt, is just engaged in constructing a second large location directly by the dockyard and harbour in Wismar, will also continue to operate under the name of Friesland Kabel in the future.

"Friesland Kabel is a synonym for quality, service and dependability. We want to honour this and express our high esteem for the staff's achievements and Mr. Moorlampen's lifework by very deliberately not changing the name", explains Czabanski.

Friesland Kabel has succeeded in landing many long-term master contracts with northern German dockyards in recent months/years, including Lürssen, the Malaysian Genting group/MV-Werften, Abeking & Rasmussen, Nobiskrug and Fassmer.

The objective resides in markedly expanding Friesland Kabel within the Klaus Faber AG group, in order to also cement its market position in the international shipbuilding industry.

The customers of Friesland Kabel will still be able to rely on its outstanding service, now with a considerably expanded product portfolio. Supplier relationships will be reliably maintained unchanged.

The purchase price was kept confidential.