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12.01.2024 | Friesland Kabel

Friesland-Kabel GmbH awarded "eligible status"

Certificate "eligible status"

Friesland-Kabel GmbH awarded "eligible status" by Deutsche Bundesbank

The Deutsche Bundesbank (German Federal Bank) has awarded Friesland-Kabel GmbH the prestigious certificate "eligible status", a distinction that underlines the outstanding stability and reliability of our company in the financial sector and confirms a first-class financial structure. The certificate is only awarded by the Deutsche Bundesbank to companies that pass strict tests in terms of capital strength, risk management and compliance.

"This award is confirmation of our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest standards of stability, transparency and security. We are proud that the Deutsche Bundesbank has recognized our financial integrity and our commitment to excellence in the financial world by awarding Friesland-Kabel the 'eligible status' certificate for the second year in a row," said Malte Witowski, Managing Director of Friesland-Kabel GmbH. "The award not only underlines the financial solidity of Friesland-Kabel GmbH, but also strengthens the confidence of our customers, partners and investors in our company.

We thank the Deutsche Bundesbank for this important distinction. We will continue to adhere to the high standards of the financial sector and make our contribution to the stability of the financial system.