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Logistics – we do not have closing time before our customers

Especially developed to meet your demands
  • Do you need service around the clock?
  • Do you need cutting without waste?
  • Do you need the cuts refined? (label, top, depth gauge)?
  • Do you need weather and tension proof end caps?
  • Do you need night delivery service?
  • Do you need logistics and stock on site, at the construction site?
  • Dou you need the cables delivered in the right temperature to be laid?

Our export / customs and regional stock "Nord" in Norderstedt near Hamburg

Here the goods to be exported to the east (Russia etc.) are collected, marked and pre-treated for customs. Package is controlled and completed, if necessary.

Moreover, small packets up to 3 tons of weight for the regions of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein are commissioned and shipped.

The cable stock is in a hall with approach ramps and is of course also appropriate for loading containers. The hall is heated, thus our cables may be commissioned and shipped in case of any weather with the appropriate temperature to be laid.

Our central stock in Hamburg - Lüneburg

On March 01, 2010 we officially opened our new central store in Hamburg-Lüneburg. From now on, we stock the whole product range of Helkama cables. We were able to attract Dirk Engel, a warehouse manager who has been working for many years in this sector and who has therefore got a lot of experience. Together with our logistic team he will be able to meet your demands.

Due to our new logistic conception we can offer you Marin cables - instrumentation cables - firelines - optical fibre cables JUST IN TIME with the highest quality even in case of the most extreme weather conditions. Our equipment is designed to cut and to deliver the cables according to your specific demands. We have no problem to ship individual tonnages.



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