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2011-02-15: As a specialized company...

...focusing on service, we have been able to grow steadily by quickly responsing to our customer needs. From now on we have also certified Helkama marine cable... more

2011-01-04: Updates in Marine Cables

Light weight and small diameter cables with screen of aluminium foil: Light Aluminium Marine Cable Range Power cables with flexible conductor for fast and e... more

2010-12-30: A new cutting line from Jan 2011

From January, we have installed a fourth cutting line; We can therefore cut parallel to 4 lines.

2010-11-11: CAT 7 now with better Data values

CAT 7 now with better Data values. Our CAT 7 is approved by GL. Datenblatt VOKA MLAN 1000 Datenblatt VOKA MLAN 1000 Flex... more

2010-10-19: KJAAM and JAMAK cables

Friesland Cable have now KJAAM Cable from stock at Hamburg Lüneburg, this cable is alternativ to JAMAK cable. Please don`t hesitate and asked us.... more

2010-03-25: NEW: Helkama Polar Protect

The Helkama Polar Protect series resists the most extreme conditions. These cables may be used in case of temperatures of more than -60° C.... more

2010-03-22: MLAN 1000 (Cat. 7 with GL certificate)

Friesland Kabel and VOKA present the communication cable MLAN 1000. Tge Cat.7 cable has a GL approval and can thus be used in the marine sector. The cable is fl... more

2010-03-01: Official opening of the new central store

Today we have officially opened our new central store in Hamburg-Lüneburg. From now on, we stock the whole product range of Helkama cables. We were able to att... more

2010-02-19: NEW: Cat7 with marine approval

New on the market: CAT7 with marine approval (GL) from German production. Available from April 2010. Contact us!.

2010-02-05: New Friesland Kabel plant / Helkama central store near Hamburg

On March 01, 2010 we officially opened the new central store Friesland Kabel and Helkama for Europe in Lüneburg near Hamburg. Here we have stored all cables an... more

2010-01-01: Friesland Kabel is expanding

We would like to welcome our new sales managers in our team: Hans-Jörg Barthelmann, Elena Rockmann, Frank Schalow. From now on our sales team shall be able to ... more



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2018-12-06 Klaus Faber AG takes over Friesland Kabel group.

Klaus Faber AG, one of Europe‘s largest cable distributors, is acquiring the German market lea...


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