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2015-09-23 Extremely Tough: NEK 606 certified cables manufactured by Helkama

Especially on the high seas there are extreme demands for cables. You must not only withstand wind and weather and be particularly robust, even in the event of fire they shall not constitute a danger.

Now there is an innovative cable from Friesland Kabel for offshore applications (e.g. for drilling rigs, special oil tanker (FPO, FPSO, FSU), for offshore wind power plants, as well as for conveyor systems on land that meet the rigorous Norwegian standard NEK 606).

NEK 606 certified cables are particularly robust and meet the highest safety standards

These NEK606 cables, which are manufactured by Helkama, basically consist of a tinned copper conductor, whereby a high corrosion resistance is achieved. The individual wires are insulated with ethylene-propylene rubber. This material is on the one hand particularly resistant to the cold, but also can be used for operating temperatures from +90 degrees Celsius. Furthermore the material is also oil resistant and ideal for use in flexible cables. The wire bundle is also encapsulated with special filler material. For the covering of the cable we used robust material SHF.

Klaus Moorlampen: "SHF2 is the best material for covering a cable, which is available for these offshore applications."

The cables from Helkama are extremely light and flexible, comply with the IEC standard, have the smallest outer diameter and are easy to install. In addition, they are depending on the requirements, oil resistant and flame retardant - important aspects for the shipbuilding industry.




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