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2015-08-11 New "Long Reach" Cable

In industry, in public buildings or also in the shipbuilding area, space is a scarce good. On the other side more and more space is needed for networking with new applications and ever-increasing amounts of data. But how can we reduce the area of technology space at increasing demands on data and Network technology? An important contribution on this offers now our partner Draka with their new cable UC LR22 cable. LR stands for Long Reach. Compared to conventional cables (Cat.7) it provides with 10Gb a better reach of 20%.

This in turn means less Switches and media converters.

UC LR22 10Gbit S / FTP cable:
• 20% more reach at 10GBit
• concentration of switches
• No additional media converters
• Reduction of costs
• minimizing operating expenses
• minimization of energy costs
• More net office space
• Reduction of engineering surfaces




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